About us

Kristoff Ball's love of long, "beachy" hair and the beginnings of his remarkable career can be traced back, appropriately, to his Long Beach upbringing. Kristoff unofficially became a stylist at the age of twelve, old enough to have an opinion about the horrible haircuts his father gave him. He taught himself how to cut hair and, while other kids were setting up lemonade stands, the young entrepreneur set up a makeshift salon in the garage and began charging his Long Beach neighbors $5 for a cut.

An artist of multiple mediums, Kristoff is a trained journeyman craftsman, having worked on the Museum of Tolerance and the Getty Museum. He enjoys hands-on involvement even in the design and construction of his Beverly Hills Salon.

Working at Tinsel Town's most high-end salons including Art Luna, Privé, Fred Segal Beauty and Chris McMillan. With decades of experience, strong intuition and a solid client base—. including celebrities Gwen Stafari, Cary Elwes  ,Alicia Silverstone,  Dwight YoAkam,  Pairs Hilton  Nicole Richie , Rita Wilson , Tom Hanks , Rosanna Arquette and Jared Leto the list goes on —he realized it was time to start his own business.

The newest venture for The Platinum King of Beverly Hills is his very own line of hair products. Being an expert on Hollywood hair this line is sure to be a knockout, it might even reach platinum.